Nokia E7 Unboxing Pictures & Review

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Claimed by Nokia as “the best business device” it has ever produced, one naturally holds high expectation of the new Symbian^3 smartphone. We shall now unveil the surprise and see if it amaze or annoy us!Inside the box you can find: a Nokia E7 phone, a BL-4D battery, a AC-10X charger, a CA-101D data cable, a WH-701 handsfree and a user’s guide. Nokia E7 Phone Unboxing Review

The 4-inch tilting AMOLED display is doubtlessly impressive. The Nokia’s acclaimed Clear Black Display technology makes dark colours look darker and deeper.


Nokia E7 Phone Unboxing Review



Now let's turn to the back. The smooth brushed metal design makes the business phone looks smart enough.


Nokia E7 Phone Unboxing Review


The 8-megapixel camera with flash light is probably the best in its class. It’s also capable of HD shooting. This certainly makes the phone a versatile one. Nokia E7 Phone Unboxing Review


Since mechanism of the QWERTY slider is a real robust one, its natural for a first-time user to find it difficult to open. Yet, once you realize the correct manner to slide it up, it would then be a smooth experience.

Nokia E7 Phone Unboxing Review

With a friendly design and generous sizing of the keyboard, users naturally find it convenient and efficient to type. This perhaps is a tacit merit any business phone should have.


Nokia E7 Phone Unboxing Review


On top of the device one cn find the power button with all the external connectors (mini HDMI out, microUSB and 3.5mm multimedia). All in all, Nokia E7 proves to be a worth-to-purchase to business users. Indeed, with its impressive versatility, normal consumers will definitely feel satisified with the model!


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