Nokia X3 Unboxing Hands-On Review

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What next? Nokia X3 is joining the all-new Nokia X6 Music device, which shows the changing from XpressMusic to “X” Series. Although Nokia X3 is less spectacular than the X6, it certainly welcomes by those lookout for a compact and affordable music-oriented handset. Sharing the design of X6, the X3 slider got a diminutive frame and runs on S40 6th Edition. Read on to check out more.

Yes, it is affordable. So don’t expect too much on the package content. The retail package of X3 covers the basic. You will find the Nokia X3, Battery, Charger, the Nokia WH-205 stereo headset, MicroUSB cable and user guide.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

The X3 doesn’t have the rounded corners like most recent Nokia handsets do. It goes for bold and straight lines. The front is a classic Nokia slider. It houses the 2.2” display with two colored stripes on each side, the left of which comprises the three dedicated music keys just accents are a familiar XpressMusic styling cue.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

Beneath the display are the D-pad, the soft keys and the Call and End keys. The D-pad will keep flashing when the music play is on. Slide it up to reveal the alphanumeric keypad. It is flat but easy to press on.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

On the top of X3, you’ll find the microUSB data port under a plastic cap. The 3.5mm audio jack and the standard Nokia charger port are just next to it.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

The microSD card slot (support up to 16GB) hidden at the left side of the device just above the lanyard eyelet.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

The volume rocker and camera keys are on the right side.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

X3 runs on S40 6th Edition user interface. The menu icons are neat and clean and they can be freely reordered within the grid up to your preference.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

As a member of new generation of music-oriented handsets, it must have a nice and cool music player with no doubt. The music player here has decent looks and supports a fair number of formats in album art like the music player with the applied theme, default theme and play on the standby screen.

Nokia X3 Phone Unboxing Review

The X3 also sports an active homescreen where you can see the contacts, friends and current music playing. And it got the flight mode which is for the music lovers to continue listening on flights. The X3 is great at music playback with great audio quality. The 3.2MP camera, 3.5mm audio jack, together with the dedicated music keys and the reasonable price, X3 is just fair and not enough for it to wow the audience.

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